Florida Bus Injury Attorney

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With the crowded traffic lanes and the high cost of parking nowhere is there a more inviting atmosphere for riding a bus than South Florida’s coastal cities.

Sadly, the Fort Lauderdale bus accident attorneys, Boynton Beach bus injury lawyers and Boca Raton bus accident injury attorneys at Brawer, Hirsch and Associates located in  West Boca Raton and  Fort Lauderdale are all too aware that many Florida drivers are blind to buses and fail to “share the road”. Even with an larger vehicle the risk for serious injury is high as most buses do not have seat belts and many bus drivers are more mindful of a schedule than they are their passengers who have not found seating or secure footing. All too often we hear of deaths and crippling injuries when a negligent driver fails to yield the right of way to a bus.

Therefore it is essential for any passenger injured when their buss is struck by a negligent driver to get an experienced law firm to help them get back on their feet.

Brawer Hirsch and Associates, P.A. will fight for your rights and strive for your best outcome. Contact Us  toll free at 855-544 LAWS(5297) or make an appointment in Palm Beach at 561-440-4646 or in Broward at  954 522 1922 or on our 24 HourHelp Line at 954 494 6777 for a free injury consultation with an experienced Fort Lauderdale bus accident attorney, Miami bus injury lawyer or Boca Raton bus accident injury attorney , All fees are contingent on getting your rightful benefits. If we can’t help you, there is no attorney fee.


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